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Neighborhood Garage Sales - 20th Year of Sponsoring




¨   Briarcliff April 26, 2014

¨   Rivers Run—May 3, 2014

¨  Emory Heights/Emory Hills—May 10, 2014



In January of each year the phone calls start coming in. Homeowners want to know when their next neighborhood garage sale will be and shoppers call to make sure they are going to be in town the weekend of the sales. What started as a neighborhood activity has become a tradition in several Oak Ridge neighborhoods and among area bargain hunters. Now in its 20th year, the Neighborhood Garage Sales sponsored by Peggy Sells Homes-Realty Center draw hundreds of shoppers to each of the participating neighborhoods: Emory Hills/Emory Heights, Briarcliff and Rivers Run.

Each week 200 maps showing the location of each participating house are handed out to eager shoppers as they enter the neighborhood on the day of the sale. Although the garage sales officially start at 8 AM, the early birds start swarming around 7:30 looking for their copy of the map. Normally there are 20 to 30 homes participating in each neighborhood although one year 53 homes participated in one neighborhood at one time.

Several of the regular shoppers even bring breakfast and coffee to Peggy as she hands out the maps. One of the more interesting stories is the shopper who proudly drove up to Peggy in a well-broken-in Ford Pinto and announced that he had bought it at the prior year’s sale for a few hundred dollars and had driven it since then.

This year’s neighborhood garage sales begin on Saturday, April 26th in Briarcliff, followed by Rivers Run on Saturday, May 3rd and finally Saturday, May 10th in Emory Heights/Emory Hills.  Peggy, who places ads in the local newspapers, in her real estate ads and on the Internet, provides the garage sale signs to the participating homes and directional arrows on the corners. To participate or for more information call Realty Center at 482-8200 or send an email to



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